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Our line of Purex General Purpose Fume Extractors offer many production and cost advantages while providing ease of maintenance and worldwide legislation compliance.

Advanced fume control system offers extended filter life

These fume purification and extraction machines connect to standard or custom extraction manifolds, and offer extended filter life, reverse airflow filtration, temperature and flow control, ease of maintenance and worldwide legislation compliance. System controls can be integrated with production control circuits.

Using the company's IQ2000 software package with multi-lingual menu, up to 31 Powerflow systems can be controlled from one PC. Minimum levels of extraction and hazardous gas particulate sensing can be set for each process, and failsafe controls will stop a production line if the extraction flow rate falls below the pre-set figure. Downtime is reduced by Fume Doctor Diagnosis, a feature that enables Purex engineers to run diagnostic tests online and re-set controls remotely to remedy a problem.

Five Purex Powerflow machines are available, housed in corrosion-resistant castor-mounted stainless steel cabinets and designed for installation with reflow, curing, and wave ovens, lasers, selective soldering, screen printers and conformal coating machines. A special vacuum control feature allows accurate temperature profiles to be maintained in wave soldering and reflow ovens, thereby minimizing the risk of thermal shock and offering improved product quality and lower reject rates.

Smallest in the range is the 210m3/h capacity 8000/210FC model, especially suitable for laser processes, with dimensions of 720mm high x 455mm wide x 480mm deep and weighing 39kg. The biggest machine is the 5000 m3/h capacity 350kg 8000/5000 model, suitable for wave soldering applications, with dimensions of 1810mm x 1210mm x 885mm.

Machine Selection Guide

Codes Per Minute (CPM)


High Dust

High Gas



Good Enclosure Poor Enclosure
<200   - - - - -
  <200 X - - - -
200-500   X - - - -
  200-500 X X - - -
>500   X X - - -
  >500 X X X X -
Machines for lasing PVC X O X X X X X

Normal selection.
Select if extra filter capacity is required and/or additional airflow is required to extract from multiple lasers or heavy duty applications.
(-) May also be considered.
X  Unit not usually specified for application.
O For lasing onto PVC.

1. The selection is based on the use of standard connection kit.
2. The 800i 3 tier unit is designed for use where the application has low dust, but high gas emissions. The 2 tier is designed for applications producing high dust emissions.
3.  A poor enclosure is where less than 4 sides of the process are enclosed.