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Custom Build Fume and Dust Extractors

We supply systems to a wide variety of industries. These industries operate extremely varied applications that often call for custom built dust and fume extractors.

We have experienced installation and technical staff who are available to survey your site / application and provide you with a custom-made solution to your production requirements.
Examples of custom products are:

  • Specialized extractors for nitrogen reflow ovens
  • Solvent Recovery Units for aqueous cleaning systems
  • Sealed extractors for the medical industry
  • Extractors for organic waste receptacles
  • Custom made filters for cleanroom applications
  • Bespoke connection kits for engraving lasers
  • One off hood designs to capture laser fumes
  • Custom made downdraft benches, and many more...

Fume Extractors for Welding Fume and Grinding Dust

The high temperature generated when welding or grinding material can produce hazardous fumes and dust.

These fumes can cause occupational asthma, long term carcinogenic diseases and other serious complaints. The result of these illnesses can be expensive compensation claims from employees, long term sickness and poor employee relations, plus heavy penalties from enforcement agencies.

Fume from welding, flame cutting and other ‘hot work’ varies greatly and may cause dryness of the throat, tickling, coughing, tightness of the chest and difficulty in breathing. Long- term changes in the lung are possible. Harmful fumes and gases during welding in the automotive industry include those from primer and paint layers, other surface coatings such as underseal, and from lead in car bodies. Activities that produce harmful fumes include:

  • Oxy-gas welding and brazing
  • Manual metal arc (MMA) or stick welding
  • Metal inert gas (MIG) and metal active gas (MAG) welding
  • Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding
  • Flux-cored arc (FCA) and metal-cored arc (MCA) welding
  • Resistance (spot) welding
  • Gas and oxy-gas cutting
  • Arc-plasma cutting
  • Arc-air gouging (air-carbon arc gouging)
  • Pressure blasting
  • Grinding

More Harmful Dusts - Body Filling/Preparation

Most body fillers are reinforced with glass fiber or metal and consist of a thermosetting polyester in a solvent (usually styrene) which is hardened by a catalyst. All work with such fillers generates toxic fume and dust; the catalyst is often a corrosive irritant and some are strong skin sensitizers causing dermatitis.

Lead is sometimes used in body preparation work and finishing operations can release high concentrations of fine dust which is a serious health hazard.

Fume Extractors for Pharmaceutical and Medical Application

A variety of processes in the pharmaceutical and medical industries can produce fumes, dust and bacteria which are harmful to health if inhaled. For example:

  • Tablet manufacturing
  • Chemical production
  • Medical procedures such as laser surgery
  • Research and laboratory work
  • Laser marking (date and batch coding)
  • Medical waste storage
  • Powder handling

Dust and Fume in the Classroom

Practical activities such as soldering, cutting and welding are increasingly common in the classroom, lab and workshop, but the hazardous dust and fumes generated are not always considered.

Indeed, the hazard may not have been identified. A survey carried out by the National Asthma Campaign shows that over 100,000 people are admitted to hospital annually with asthma - half of these are children. The COSHH(Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) regulations place a legal responsibility on employers to ensure that their employees and other persons in the workplace are protected from hazardous substances. This legislation applies to local authority and education establishments just as it applies to industry.

We have worked closely with several local authorities to identify sources of potential hazards and develop cost effective solutions to the problem.

More Information:

We have produced useful free information datasheets for local authorities and schools. A video is also available which demonstrates the hazards due to fumes, explains the legal obligations of schools, colleges and universities and discusses the best solutions to these problems. Useful literature from theHealth and Safety Executive (HSE) can also be obtained.













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